Brown water pouring out from my faucet. What should I do?

A common concern we hear from homeowners in subdivisions is the occasional episode of brown water coming out of their pipes. This raises alarms and the common perception is that there might be something nasty in their drinking water (Well, most of them don't drink from it but washing can be a pain).

You're here because you're experiencing it at the moment. Worry not! We'll explain how it happens, and how you can resolve this issue. Let's make your water clear again.

Brown water? Why?

Suspended solids (Sediments, particulates, metals or rust ) accumulates in the main water tank over time leading to brown or discolored water. Know the source of your supplier's water. If water is sourced from the ground, the discoloration might be from the sand and iron in the water. If it's surface (lake, river) water, there might have been a heavy rainfall and no filtration system is set-up to filter the solids. But most of the times, it's usually from the Iron-based pipes used by subdivisions that rust (usually due to post-chlorination) and lead to browning of water.

Usually the water will run clean if you open the faucet for more than a minute or two. But that's not the way to have water, is it?

Rusted pipes break overtime and can lead to serious infiltration of sediments from the land surrounding it. This happens when the water pressure is low during maintenance work.

Is the water harmful?

It really depends. If it's just discoloration due to sand particles, then the answer is no. The brown water you are seeing might be from too much iron in it. Iron is a common, naturally occurring metal in soil, and is present in your drinking water.

If the problem is because of a rusty pipe, then the problems that can occur because of it will be hazardous. Rust in your pipes will create rusty water which is a breeding ground for various forms of bacteria. Rust build-up can corrode and crack plumbing pipes and exposes your water supply to contaminants in the air. Leaking pipes can lead to mold and mildew to fester in homes, which will result in a major health hazard.

How do I get rid of brown water?

Open your faucet and let the water run for 10 odd minutes. If your water is still brown, ask your neighbors and ask if they are experiencing the same issue. If they are not experiencing it, the problem lies within the piping system of your house. If they are experiencing it, call your subdivision water provider and ask if they are aware of the problem.

In some subdivisions, the provider uses water treated by Reverse Osmosis technology. That also leads to water become slightly acidic and reacting with the piping of the subdivision. If the problem is persistent, then you'll need to take an action from your end.

Try flushing out the rust from your house by opening all the faucets for at least 20 minutes. If there is still brown water, contact your local water filtration expert for a solution.

Here at Innovative Water Solutions Inc, we provide expert solutions in getting rid of discolored water from your faucet. After finding the source of the problem, we test your water for the total suspended solids and other parameters, and design a filter accordingly. We also check other existing water related problems in the property to give a complete package to provide clean and safe water to you and your family.

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