We provide Industrial grade, high-quality Water Refilling Station Packages that fit your budget and needs.


Economic Distress?

When Life gets tough, We help. Read on..



We build compact, beautiful systems with a laser-eye focus on performance.

Our systems are made of premium filters not found anywhere in the market.

We pride in our reputation as the best water filtration technology provider in the country.



Is Water Refilling Business the right choice for you?

Water Refilling Business is the fifth fastest growing business sector in the Philippines. Clean drinking water is a basic right and has become utmost necessity in our country.

During Pandemic, Water Refilling Business Owners made 3x more profit. This proves that even in recession, the demand for clean drinking water will always be high.


Imagine making an extra, stable stream of income EVERY SINGLE DAY? What will your financial situation be in (1) year? Find out!! Open your Water Refilling Station today and I guarantee, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

With our water refilling systems, you get your well-deserved ticket to a rock-solid stream of pay-check, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Seriously — no sh*tting.




Agua De Fatima

Joshua Come, Mandaue City, Cebu

"I had worked in Canada for the past 5 years as a baker. I decided to come back to the Philippines because my daughters were growing up. But in order to come back, I needed a reliable business. Fortunately, I was referred to Innovative Waters by a close friend of mine and Boy! I made the right decision. They guided me every step of the way. It's been 6 years now since I opened my business. I sell over 500+ containers a day. I have not gone back and I'm so glad I'm around my daughters. We now have a franchise in General Santos City too..."

Benefits of Working with Us

Quick Delivery

You can be assured that your system will be built on time. We will give you a timeline. And NO, and I repeat NO FILIPINO TIME.

Guaranteed Performance

We will guarantee our system's performance in writing. Our contract will disclose all the information that our systems contain - EVERY SINGLE DETAIL

Secure Payments

We will give you proper billings and make sure you are given an acknowledgement receipt upon each payment. No hidden charges. No licensing fees. No additional costs. EVER.

What makes a Water Refilling Station successful?

I'm going to spare you the sales pitch and go right into hard, cold truth...

I have two personal water refilling stations in Cebu.

I have helped hundreds of clients open their own water refilling stations too (as far as Tuguegarao). The financial stability this business has provided is incredibly satisfying.

This business has helped me attain financial freedom and provided me with a hassle-free stream of income I can count on, 365 days a year.

But it can't be that easy, right? You're right. It wasn't easy. Because

Every business has this one problem that can bring it down. Revealing the problem in 3, 2, 1... Drum roll please...

Your Water Refilling Station Provider , Installer, Technician, Partner, whatever you want to call it.

Water Refilling System is as good as its supplier. While every machinery has the power to fail (and it will fail at times because its a machine..duh!), your supplier's service must not. You supplier must back you up and be there to support you every step of the way. And that's where I had problems. In my first two months of business, my system broke down countless times and sadly, no one came to my rescue. I had so many problems : Faulty wiring, low-quality parts, very poor after-sales service, membrane clogging, filters clogging, low water-production, no water quality-monitoring, no proper guidance, and the list goes on... You see, Your business rests heavily on your system provider.

Fortunately, my grit never lets me give up. And I was finally able to crack the code. I found good water equipment suppliers from India and other parts of the world and got many trained technicians. I formed a solid technical team that eventually led to me opening WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMs "supply and install" business.

I thought, "If I'm having this problem, so are hundreds of refilling stations around the province." And I was right. This was THE MAIN PROBLEM every water refilling business owner was experiencing. I had found the market pain.

At that point, I decided to embark on a WRS(Water Refilling Station) Installation Business. I wanted to tackle (3) reasons…

1. Most installers are "FLY-BY-NIGHT", "Never Show up", or "Sell and Run" type of suppliers. They have no credibility, no office and no commitment whatsoever. What they rely on are low prices and sweet words. "Low Prices" sell systems, but they can't grow businesses and they definitely don't replace after-sales service.

2. The systems sold today are lacking quality. They lack attention and detail. They lack the proper pre-survey of source water quality. They are not built on your needs. Same systems are sold to any client and any location. Water quality changes every 25 meters. Good luck to you if you're buying online simply based on prices.

3. I thought it was time for the truth to be told: I gag every time I hear a fly-by-night piss, err, I mean scam, wait, I mean sell you a system with lifetime warranty service, give you unbelievable 100k discount and other shenanigans they pull of. And they will gladly sell you sh*t to feed their family. How can they sleep at night?

Give me a f*cking break.

You deserve better.

From broke businessmen, to OFW, to Fathers looking to help their children with business, to anyone looking to have financial stability in today's world -- make the move today and maybe tomorrow we'll be opening a bottle of champagne to your success and say "YOU MADE IT!"

I know I know... so cliche.

Take Care,

Ajay T Kumar , Owner




Get free KDF filtration media (worth P35,000)

if you order one of our systems before April 15, 2021




Financial Hardship? See how we can help. Read on..

Why Will This Work for You?

The hardest part of any business is starting out. And because of that, we will provide you with a smooth sailing startup which includes:

🔴 Hands-on Training

🔴 Personal Coaching on Marketing

🔴 And most importantly, we will take care of your machine: reminding you of monitoring, following up on your progress and many important issues...


Your success is our success.

Now, you may be asking…



How much do I need to get started?

Good question! We have 3 different packages for our water systems.

Option 1: Silver System - Single Membrane System - P240,000.00

Option 2: Gold Series - Double Membrane System - P295,000.00 (Best Seller)

Option 3: Platinum Series - Triple Membrane System - P350,000.00





What makes OUR Water Filter Systems
different from others?



Filtration Flowchart


“I've seen systems for 150k and I find your prices high. Why is that?”

We never stop learning and we never stop innovating. We provide you with the latest development on products and services that you can take advantage of on your day-to-day operations.

We also have the most advanced and state-of-the-art machines which highly surpasses the standards of DOH and DTI when it comes to product specifications. With that said, we also have tie-ups in India, Scotland, USA, Singapore, and China to source the best products and equipment that we use for municipal water systems and extend it to your at a distributor price.

What makes our systems so unique is we use the best products the money can buy in the world. We mean real business with all our products. Some of the products your system will have are:

1. AFM® - Activated Filter Media - The best filtration media in the world. It provides 5-microns clarity - that means you get crystal clear water without compromise. AFM® is used in any plant that is serious about water filtration quality. Learn More...

2. Purolite® C100E Cat-ion Resin - Leader in Resin Manufacturing - Genuine Distributor - Purolite® resin delivers 40% longer run-phase with excellent performance. That means you save money by saving water & salt consumption. Learn More


3. Shanxi® Granulated Activated Carbon - Produces high quality carbon for different water filtration applications - Poor activated carbon media can hurt your operations. It can damage your membranes if chlorine or other inorganic material is not filtered out. We take no chances. Our activated carbon makes sure you get chlorine-free, sweet-tasting and good smelling drinking water. Learn More


4. CNP® Vertical Multi-stage Pump - One of the best pump brand in the Philippines right now - These pumps have been in the market for the past 16 years. They are highly reliable and deliver 90% standard output, unlike others which only deliver up to 80%. Learn More...


5. Water Softener Salt Tablets

We are the only suppliers of water softener tablets in entire Visayas-Mindanao region. And all our clients get these tablets. These tablets prolong the lifespan of the resin and gives the best sodium-calcium exchange ratio.

and many more...

Our after-sales team will make sure you're always satisfied. We go up and beyond to make sure your business venture is comfortable and well-supported. We are your business partners, remember that! We make money when YOU make money.

There are other options in the market, and chances are you that with them, you need to go through all the failures and mistakes I’ve been through, read hundreds of books, consult "experts" and do lots of experimentations (I wish you all the best). Or even worse, going the cheaper route only to find out that you need to figure it all out by yourself.



“Do you offer instalments?”

We currently offer instalments on the remaining 50% balance of our Gold and Platinum Series. That means you pay 50% upfront and 50% in post-dated checks divided equally good for 6-months.

To avail it, you must meet the following specifications:

- Must be a Metro-Cebu Resident

- Must have a personal/business checking account that is valid for the past 12-months


“If l buy now, how soon can I see a return on my investment?”

Starting a business is not easy. Because if it was, everybody would be doing it. It would also depend on your learning curve and how you work. However, given a safe pace, we guarantee you a safe return on your investment of 6 months from the month of operation.

Now, what would it be worth to you to have a business that could not just provide but that could give your family a good life? Or even pass it to the next generation? Maybe take them outside the country for a vacation?


"I trust you and I want to make 90% down-payment spot-cash. Do you give additional discounts?"

We are very strict when it comes to pricing. But because you TRUSTED us first, we will reciprocate your trust with 5% discount on the entire system. And NO, we will not do any Ninja Moves and lower the quality of our systems, just because we gave you a discount and want to make some quick cash.





If you're ready to take the step,




Get free KDF filtration media (worth P35,000)

if you order one of our systems before April 15, 2021



Don't you do site-survey before recommending us the system?

Due to our experience, we do know the geography of our market area. We find out most of the information on the phone and the rest of the information is thru photos. But we still do free site-surveys for any interested prospect.

These are the steps we take to ensure you get the best service from us:

🔴  Water source - We need to know what is the source of your water (Deep Well, Spring Water, Municipal Water, Bulk-Water Supplier)

🔴  Quality of the raw/source water - Each system has a maximum TDS input requirement of 2000ppm - We check the quality of the water and this service is free of charge

🔴  Location of the site - We need to know the location to arrange delivery and know the logistics challenges in your area

🔴. Area size of the site - We recommend at least 25sqm of area to put up a water refilling station. The bigger, the better. Kindly ask your sanitary office what area they approve of.

🔴. Proper Drainage - This is known either thru photos or thru site-surveys.

I want my system to be installed in 3-4 months time. Do you accept reservation fee instead of down-payment?

You can reserve the system by making a 30% reservation fee (30% of the system you chose). This reservation fee is deductible from the total payment for the system. Kindly note that we release the lay-out or renovation drawings only once the down-payment has been made.

You never mentioned about earnings. How much can I earn?

Your earnings are subject to a lot of factors. But if we take a hypothetical situation where you work 8 hours a day, 30 days a month and make P8/month, then these are the numbers:

- Single Membrane System -

This system produces 20 containers per hour. So if you sell 160 containers per day, you make P1,280 per day. That's P38,400 per month. We know how to increase profits by launching new marketing methods for your water refilling business. This number can easily be bumped to P45-50,000. (If you follow our advice!)

- Double Membrane System -

This system produces 35 containers per hour. If you sell 280 containers per day, you make P2,240 per day. That's P67,200 per month. This number can easily be bumped to 75-80k per month or more.

- Triple Membrane System -

This system produces 50 containers per hour. If you sell 400 containers per day, you make P3,200 per day. That's P96,000 per month. You can easily bump your sales to more than 100k+ per month.

What are the prices of the system?

Option 1: Silver System - Single Membrane System - P240,000.00

Option 2: Gold Series - Double Membrane System - P295,000.00 (Best Seller)

Option 3: Platinum Series - Triple Membrane System - P350,000.00

What is the total cost to set-up a water refilling station?

The Total Cost to set up a water refilling station is based on your area. These are the things you'll be spending on

1. Water Refilling Station Set-Up / System

2. Construction / Renovation of the building

3. Permits Processing

4. Deep Well / Municipal Water Connections

5. Electric Meter / Electricity Connections

5. If you're leasing the area, then rental cost

6. Delivery Vehicle (Optional)

Do you do paper-works and permit processing?

We do not process the permits. But we can assist you. We understand the hassle that the government sometimes puts us thru. With that said, our in-house book-keeping team can always take care of the permits for a small fee.

Do you offer business orientation seminars?

Due to pandemic, we have limited group interactions. But that's good news! Because now, we explain the business one-on-one. Call on the given number (09982659514) and arrange for an appointment at your convenient time.

Will you help us with marketing?

If you are willing to listen, yes! Our arms are always ready to help those who need it. We will guide you and offer you tips that you can implement right away to see an instant boost in sales.

Can I upgrade my water storage tanks?

Yes, you may upgrade your storage tanks. We will discuss this during site-surveys.

Should the site be ready before buying the system?

It's necessary to have the water source ready. So you must know where is the area. The building is not important yet because it can always be built later.

Do you offer all the water refilling consumables like cap-seals, bottle caps and bottles?

We offer all the of the consumables required for your operations. Simply call one of our staff to personally assist you.

I'm struggling financially. Can you help me?

I understand your struggle. I have been in your shoes. And I will help you. Good News! We can really help you own a water refilling station. Bad News! You'll have to contact us and explain the reason why.

Special Mentions:

1. Military / Police

Served, or serving in the armed or police forces? Well if you are, you're my hero. Call Us and show us any proof of service (photo in uniform is best!). Thank you for your service! It's because of you that guys like me are able to live their dreams!

2. Prisoners

Friend or loved one incarcerated? Stuck in the prison library right now? No worries, contact us for how we can help you.

3. Ex-Cons

Trying to get back on your feet and your life straightened out? Contact Us and tell us where and how long you were in prison and we can help you.

4. Laid Off or Fired

Sorry to hear about your job loss but in my opinion, it probably was the best thing that could happen to you. Send me a copy of your "pink slip" or "termination letter" and we'll help you out.. Please, make sure it happened it the last 3 months, not 3 years ago.

5. Single Mommys/Parent

I watched my friend's mother tirelessly raise three ruthless children. Kids are a full-time job and I know it. Contact Us to see how we can help you.

Are your packages all-in and include free installation?

Yes, all our systems are complete packages. They all come with free installation and their own set of freebies.

What is the quality of the system I'm getting?

Yes, you are getting:

🔴  Professionaly built systems that guarantee results - proper product to concentrate ratio. We provide the best product water quality.

🔴  Systems that are compact and look pleasing to the eyes - our systems occupy less than 6sqm space, including the tanks.

🔴  Systems that are easy to operate and have a simple user interface - so easy that even a non-technical person could operate

🔴  Systems that use genuine products and equipment - making sure you get the correct output for each item

🔴  Systems that are backed with proper warranties written and notarized in a contract - not LIFETIME WARRANTIES that are just wrong because nothing lasts forever.

🔴  Systems that are properly sized (properly sized filters, pumps and pipes) - helps you save water and electricity

🔴  Systems that are protected with multiple contactors and relays, guaranteeing electrical fail-proof wiring - helps provide proper electricity supply to electrical components and saving them from over-heating

🔴  Systems that follow proper filtration and backwash rates - to make sure that each flowrate follows the specification of the filter media

🔴  Systems that are backed with correct after-installation maintenance schedules - this is very important to maintain the life of the filters and membranes alike

🔴  Systems that have daily monitoring records of pressure and flow-rates - this helps us monitor the discrepancies of production and the filtration differences.

🔴  Systems that require very little human intervention - we give you utmost ease of operation. Our systems are automated to turn off and on, and function only when required.

🔴  Systems that use the correct filter media according to the raw (source) water quality - each location has different water quality and must be treated differently

Once the down-payment is paid, what is the timeline of the whole project

After the downpayment is made, drawings and layouts will be released to you via email.

This the the timeline from the date of down-payment clearing:

🔴 Delivery Period: Your system, along with the tanks and other included freebies, will be delivered in approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of down-payment.

🔴  Installation Period: Your system will take at least 3-4 days to install.

🔴  Commissioning Period: Each system requires a commissioning period of at least 1 day. This period also includes hands-on training. No worries, if you do not understand everything in one day, we can always extend it to 2 days.

Do you also offer mineral and alkaline water systems?

Mineral and Alkaline Water Systems require good water source in order to work. Once we've checked the quality of your water source, we will decide whether these upgrades will work for your location or not. (This information will be given to you after site-survey)

Mineral Water System Upgrade: P30,000.00

Alkaline Water System Upgrade: P50,000.00

Our Alkaline Systems do not pass through stone and ceramic filters. We use proper Alkaline Water Producer to give you proper alkaline water.

Mineral + Alkaline Water System Upgrade: P70,000.00

Do you offer auto-backwashing modes? Or can I upgrade into one?

We offer to upgrade your system from manual back-washing to automatic. These systems require auto-backwashing filter heads and sophisticated wiring so your pump and filters don't get damaged.

Our prices are the following:

1. Semi-automatic backwashing mode: Ion-Exchange Filter : P30,000.00

This filter takes about 1 hour to backwash. A lot can go wrong during this 1 hour. To have much needed peace of mind, get this upgrade.


2. Fully-automatic backwashing mode: All filters: P60,000.00

This mode automates the entire backwashing procedure. If you want the system to do its own heavy lifting and not bother you for operations, we highly recommend you get this upgrade.


What is Backwashing?

Backwashing is a procedure where the flow of the water is reversed in the filter tank to throw out all the impurities.

Do you offer warranties with your systems?

These are our Warranties:

1. Fiberglass Filters and PE Filter housings: 3 years

2. Pipes and Fittings: 1 year

3. AFM Filter Media (AFM®) - 10 years

4. Purolite Resin® - 3 years

5. Activated Carbon - 10 months

6. Pumps - 1 year

7. Electrical Components - 1 year

8. All Accessories - 1 year

Consumables are not covered under warranty.

Do you offer surveillance systems?

Yes, we do offer surveillance cameras from HikVision. Our 4 channel system is worth P20,000.00. We offer 1 year warranty. To know more about our surveillance systems, kindly contact us directly via phone call.

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