CDD 5000™️ - 15% Chlorine Dioxide

CDD 5000™️ - 15% Chlorine Dioxide

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There are over 283 methods for generating ClO2. ClO2 by two-component power methods edges ahead of all the known methods for generating ClO2. The two components when added in water generated 0.5% ClO2 which is ready to use in 4 hrs and the benefits of the molecule can be reaped with the help of a simple dosing pump & a tank. The components are designed to have a more than 95 % yield of NaClO2.( Conversion of chlorite to ClO2). And the stability of the solution is increased to have a minimum shelf life of 15 days.

Features And Benefits

ClO2 though an excellent molecule was facing a hurdle in getting accepted by customers & end-users due to complications involved in method of generation of the product. Customers were required to install expensive machinery & equipment to avail of the benefits of the molecule.

With the help of CDD 5000, the problems related with the complications in application and generation have been resolved.

CDD 5000 is manufactured with a single concept of user-friendly & environment friendly which can be used with minimal accessories and equipment. By using CDD 5000 users can reap the benefit of the molecule which was not available.

Commercial Advantages & Benefits.

  • No investment in plant and machinery.
  • No changes in the current water treatment system of the plant.
  • No structural modifications, changes in pipelines.
  • Reduced manpower requirement.
  • Non-corrosive as user concentration.
  • Reduced material handling cost.
  • Warehousing and inventory carrying cost reduced substantially.
  • No additional safety measures or permissions required.

CDD-5000 is a transportable non-explosive two-component powder kit generating 5000 ppm aqueous chlorine dioxide solution - providing safe and disinfected drinking water. 

The product is presently registered in India and we have taken approval from several Government and private laboratories for its use in water treatment as a biocide. (Toxicity Studies, Stability analysis, Heavy metal studies etc…)

CDD-5000 comes in two-component powder mixtures that are easy to transport, stock, and safe to use.

When added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.5% (5,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide and Dosing is done by conventional plug and play metering equipment.

Chlorine dioxide is widely viewed as one of, if not the most effective, sanitizing agents created by man. In horticulture, it is injected via its liquid state into irrigation lines. ClO2 when injected in the injected into irrigation systems to a final, hose-end concentration below 1.0 ppm that results in excellent water sanitation. 

Connected to this solubility characteristic is that as a gas dissolved in water, chlorine dioxide is free to diffuse or move within its solution. Due to this property, its molecules are free to move about within an irrigation line.

The product finds the application in the following areas of your interest:

1. Virus, Fungi, Bacteria, Mould, Yeast removal in ultrapure water, and F&B applications.
2. Fruits, Vegetable washing, and treatment.
3. Drinking-Water Treatment (4-10 pH).
4. Iron & Manganese compounds removal.
5. Easy To Use & Cheaper Than Other Chemicals.
6. STP/WTP water treatment. (Domestic & Industrial).
7. Ion Exchange Resins Treatment for removal of Organic & Inorganic Fouling.
8. RO/UF Membrane treatment for removal of Biofouling. (Membrane & Feedwater).
9. Cooling tower water treatment as an Oxidising Biocide.
10. Boiler water (DM Plant) treatment.
11. Process water treatment for Ultra Pure water, Surface, and plant sanitation.


The products are currently used by several customers since the past 7-8 years. With the customer ranging from Power plants, Government agencies & potable water treatment plants, Dairy’s, OEM’s & several pharmaceutical, food & beverages companies. 


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