Algae Removal Bundle

Algae Removal Bundle

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Introducing our Algae Removal Bundle, designed to eliminate even the toughest algae growth in your pool.

This bundle includes four powerful products:

  1. High Quality 70% Chlorine for Shocking: Our special 70% calcium hypochlorite ensures powerful shock without releasing hardness into the pool. (Not included in "without chlorine" bundle)

  2. Clear Up Pool Clarifying Powder: This powerful chemical binds even the smallest algae particles responsible for frequent and fast algae growth. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of algae growth, even after adding chlorine.

  3. Algae Bombs: These chlorine dioxide tablets ensure no chlorine by-products are formed during the shocking process. Chlorine by-products include trihalomethane which are dangerous for lungs.

  4. Premium Dry Acid: Our premium dry acid is procured to ensure effective pH reduction required for Algae Shock. (Not included in "without chlorine" bundle)

With these four powerful products, you can rest assured that your pool will be free from harmful algae growth.

Not only does our bundle include the essential products you need for a clean and clear pool, but we also offer additional services to ensure your pool stays in top condition:

  1. Instructions for each chemical are provided to help you get the most out of our products.

  2. We offer a 1-on-1 call with one of our experienced pool maintenance engineers to provide personalized consultation on your pool maintenance.

  3. You'll also gain entry to our exclusive "Pool Maintenance Group for Pool Owners" where you can connect with other pool owners, ask questions, and get valuable tips on pool maintenance.

  4. And if you need additional guidance, we offer step-by-step support over the phone to help you use our chemicals with confidence.

With our Algae Removal Bundle, you'll have everything you need to blast algae away from your pool.

Order now and get ready to enjoy a clean, clear, and algae-free pool!


Please note that if you have a pool that is larger than 100,000 liters, kindly contact us directly to inquire about our commercial pricing.

Please be reminded that you will need a Pool Test Strip to use this bundle effectively. If you do not have one, you may purchase it from us for an additional P1,200.

If you already have the Algae Removal Bundle but still need the user guide, you may download it from our website here:


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