Honeycomb activated carbon

Honeycomb activated carbon

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Honeycomb activated carbon can be widely used in adsorption purification, separation and recovery, catalytic carrier and environmental protection industry.Especially for large air volume, low concentration of organic waste gas purification treatment.The main properties such as: specific surface area, benzene adsorption performance and air flow pressure drop has reached the international level of similar products, with the advantages that other activated carbon products can not match.The main adsorbates are: carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, benzene, xylene, acetone, ethanol, ether, methanol, acetic acid, styrene, phosgene, gasoline, kerosene, odor,etc.

Main Technical Specification

■ Size:100×100×100mm(±1mm)

■ Square hole:100or150or200 pore per square inch

■ Bulk density:0.38-0.42g/ml

■ Adsorption rate of benzene>35%

■ Operating temperature:<350℃

(The desorption temperature shall not be higher than the ignition of  the organic exhaust.)

■ Positive compressive strength>0.8MPa

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