Impregnated Activated carbon

Impregnated Activated carbon

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Impregnated activated carbon is made from selected high quality activated carbon by impregnating with different impregnates.

The resultant product has both good adsorption and catalysis, and provides all-purpose protection not only against toxic gases but also against harmful gases such as acid gases, ammonia and carbon monoxide. Desiccants thus made can effectively adsorb water vapor from gases. Wide use is found in national defense, industrial hygiene and safety, environmental protection, etc.

Base carbon:

■ Pellet activated carbon Ø3.0,Ø4.0

■ Granular activated carbon 4*8,8*30,30*60

■ Chemicals (impregnant) : KOH,  NaOH, KI, S , H3PO4, Silver, LiBr, etc.


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