How to remove disease risk from your pools, spas and bathtubs

How can you achieve the following with just one product?

‚ÄĘLegionella & Cryptosporidium control

‚ÄĘEliminate disease risk from Viri, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and parasites

‚ÄĘRemove Biofilm and perform deep cleans

‚ÄĘReduce chlorine or bromine demand

‚ÄĘAllow chlorine or bromine free pools to work more efficiently

‚ÄĘFecal incident emergency procedure

‚ÄĘVery easy to use and reduces costs

It's more than possible with IwOx¬ģ Disinfection Tablets.

Perform Prophylactic deep clean

Biofilm is an invisible 50 micron thick surface film where most bacteria live, and where viri, fungi, and parasites hide. The pathogens are protected by an alginate jelly secreted by bacteria and will tolerate free chlorine levels as high as 50mg/L. The alginate forms a slippery surface on tiles and is often mistaken as body fat or grease. A strained surface is a visible sign of algae and heavy bacterial contamination. Most bacteria and human pathogens live in the biofilm, and IwOx¬ģ provides a low cost and simple procedure to remove the biofilm and eliminate this problem.¬†

20 million bacteria can grow from 1 bacterium in 8 hours. The only¬†factor limiting their growth is the availability of food and a biofilm¬†home in which to grow.¬†IwOx¬ģ is designed as a low dose¬†prophylactic deep clean to help eliminate the biofilm home on all¬†wetted surfaces, especially inside pipes, channels, tanks and the¬†filters. Once the biofilm home has been removed, it is then much¬†more difficult for bacteria to re-establish. A heavy dose can also be¬†applied every 3 to 6 months, to treat the pool, supply pipe-work and¬†pool covers.

Disease under control with IwOx¬ģ

Norovirus: infection usually start 12 to 48 hours after exposure. The first symptom is a sudden onset of nausea followed by projectile vomiting and diarrhea.
E.Coli: an indicator bacteria that there is fecal or sewage contamination of the water and insufficient chlorine. Check water supply, balance tank overflow and back-wash line.
Legionella: Legionella disease is very serious and fatal in up to 15% of cases. There are around 75 different Legionella species, most of them just cause a nasty flu. Present in around 30% of all pools.
Pseudomonas: can cause skin, ear and eye infections when present in large numbers. Probably in 100% of pools.
Staphylococcus: RSA multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, common bacteria can cause minor skin infection through to life-threatening and fatal disease. 30% of pools.
Mycobacteria: cause chronic skin disease, infection levels seems to be increasing rapidly.
Vibrio: can cause gastroenteritis and septicemia, now being found in some pools. Cholera is a Vibrio bacteria species.
Cryptosporidium & Giardia: Very debilitating parasitic disease casing vomiting and diarrhea. 3500 cases every year attributed to public pools in the UK, fatality rate approx 1 in 400. Found in approx 10% of pools.
Algae: any staining of a surface green, brown or even pink may be due to algae and bacteria, it is an indicator of serious biofouling and represents a Legionella and disease risk.

How to use IwOx¬ģ

Refer to instructions on pack¬†before use. IwOx¬ģ is used once¬†every 4 weeks when there are¬†no bathers using the pool. The¬†number of tablets required is¬†identified in the table below.¬†Open the foil pack above the re-sealable strick and remove the inner¬†plastic vacuum pack of tablets.¬†Open the plastic vacuum pack with¬†scissors and without touching¬†the tablets add the entire¬†contents of the plastic vacuum¬†pack to the overflow channel,¬†balance tank or directly to the¬†pool water, leave for 15 minutes and then back-wash your filters.¬†Filters should only be back-washed once the public have vacated the¬†pool. The pool or public spa will then be ready to use after 8 hours if¬†all water quality parameters are in compliance.

Treatment frequency and quantity

Each IwOx¬ģ Deep Clean Public & Private Swimming Pool re-sealable¬†foil pack contains 1 tablet (5g) each.


Deep Clean & fecal incidents

The prophylactic treatment will keep bacteria such as Legionella and biofilm under control. However, if the pool is heavy loaded, then it is¬†advisable to use a double quantity for the treatment every 6 months. After a fecal incident in the pool, chlorine will kill the¬†bacteria, but you would need 100 mg/1 to kill cryptosporidium parasites. IwOx¬ģ deep clean will be more effective, safer and¬†easier than using a super concentration of chlorine.

Check performance of IwOx¬ģ

Start with a treatment once per week, as the surfaces become clean, it may be possible to reduce the application to once every 4 weeks if monitored by a RLU to check the cleanliness of the pool surfaces. Innovative Water Solutions Inc. can supply the equipment.


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