Spark Pool Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide


This guide is designed to assist you in identifying and resolving common issues that may arise when using Spark Pool Conditioner. We aim to help you get the best possible results from our product.

Important Read (Skip at your own cost)

Please take note: Spark is an algae PREVENTER, not an algae remover. It is not an algaecide. It is not pool shock. It prevents algae from growing, only after the algae is no longer in the pool in the first place. If your pool is green, DO NOT USE Spark yet. If you do not know how to shock the pool, kindly see FAQ below.

Common Issues and Resolutions

Ineffective Algae Control

If you're finding algae in your pool despite using Spark Pool Conditioner:

  • Check the water pH levels: Make sure pH is 7.2. If the pH is above 7.2, use muriatic/dry acid to bring it down. If you don’t know how much acid you need, contact us. 
  • Check Chlorine levels: Ensure your pool has at least 1ppm of chlorine concentration. If you don’t know how much is 1ppm of chlorine for you pool, click here:
  • Nutrients are very high in the pool: High nutrient levels can contribute instantly to algae growth. If necessary, use a nutrient remover. You can buy one here:

Pool Has Cloudy Water

If your pool water is cloudy:

  • Adjust pH: High pH can make water cloudy. Adjust pH to 7.2.
  • Verify Chlorine levels: Make sure the pool has enough chlorine. Ensure 1ppm concentration.
  • Check the filter: Ensure your pool filter is clean and functioning properly.
  • Chlorine Shock the pool: If the pool is still cloudy, chlorine shock the pool. Use 60ppm. You can use this website to find the right dosage for your pool:
  • Use Clarifiers: If all the above steps fail, use a combination of powder and liquid clarifiers. You can buy from here:
    Clear-Up Pool Clarifying Powder: Page does not exist. Contact us directly below.
    Clear-Up Pool Clarifier (Liquid):

 Product Not Lasting 12 Months

If Spark Pool Conditioner isn't lasting 12 months, you only need to look for water loss.

  • Check for pool leakage: Look for signs of leaks or frequent water loss due pool leaks.
  • Assess backwash water loss: Look for how much water is lost during backwash. Backwashing will remove water from the pool. If you lose water, you lose the chemical. This will reduce Spark’s lifespan since its concentration will keep decreasing after every backwash.
  • Assess water loss during vacuuming: If you’re vacuuming to waste, assess the water loss in that scenario.
  • Assess water loss during regular pool activity like splashing.

Note: Evaporation does not remove Spark. If you lose water via evaporation, you need not worry about Spark’s effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I mix Spark in the pool?

    Kindly click on this video to learn how to mix Spark into the pool:

    Additional Instructions:
    1. kindly make sure the pool is blue.
    2. Adjust the pH to 7.2
    3. Adjust chlorine to 1ppm. You can use this website for help:
    4. Add Spark into the pool. Add all of it. Handle with care. Wear mask and goggles for safety.
    5. Mix it properly in the water with a brush. It will settle at the bottom of the pool floor. Use a brush to agitate it.


    You can add the powder slowly, making sure it mixes in the water.
    6. Keep the water circulating for 5 hours or at least 1 pool turnover.
    7. Check pH and chlorine again, and adjust accordingly.
    8. Pool is ready.

  2. How do I adjust my pH to 7.2?

    If your pH is above 7.2, you need to use Dry/Muriatic Acid to lower the pH. Contact us so we can give you the exact dosage.

    If your pH is between 6.8 to 7.2, you need not adjust the pH.

    If your pH is less than 6.8, you need to use Soda Ash to increase pH. You can also aerate the water (turn on water features and jets, if you have them), and naturally increase pH of the water.

  3. How do I know what’s the 1ppm chlorine concentration of my pool?

    You need to have your total pool volume. You can then use our chlorine dosage calculator which allows you to choose your chlorine concentration. Use our free chlorine dosage calculator here:

  4. What is my pool is green. How do I shock chlorinate the pool?

    You can watch this video:

    You can use the free chlorine dosage calculator to calculate how much chlorine you'll need to reach 60ppm. Make sure the pH is set to 7.2 prior to shock chlorinating your pool.

  5. What chlorine should I use for my pool?

    Watch this video here:

    If your pool is outdoor, we recommend 90% chlorine.

    If your pool is indoor, you can use 70% chlorine.

    Make sure to always buy high quality chorine.

    We sell Astral 90% Chlorine. Contact us below to get the best pricing.

  6. Where do I buy Dry Acid or other pool equipment?

    Although these are not our main products, we do help our clients find the best deals. Simply contact us below to get whatever pool equipment or chemical that you need.

Contact Information

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team on our Facebook page:


Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to ensuring you get the most from Spark Pool Conditioner. Thank you for choosing our product for your pool care needs.