What to do if the pool is still green or cloudy after a pool shock?


This has been a major problem for most pool owners. It is also one of the most asked question in swimming pool groups as well. We want to answer the question as simply as possible, with a simple explanation so everyone can understand.

A cloudy pool is the result of either unbalanced water chemistry or micro-debris in the pool. Algae, on the other hand, is the result of high nutrients.

One thing they both have in common, though, is poor filtration. Because the filtration system is not designed properly, you cannot filter out the micro-debris or the micro-algae from the pool. Therefore, you'll always require high chlorine dosage, which has its own side effects (toxic byproducts).

Cloudy Pool

Before shocking a pool, balance the water first. Make sure you use a reliable water testing kit. Follow this sequence to learn more about pool balancing sequence here: https://pool.innovativewatersolutionsinc.com/wb-sequence

If the pool is still cloudy, and you've already tried chlorine shocking the pool, you'll need to oxidize the chemical waste in the pool entirely. Use IwOx® Disinfection Tablets in your pool to get the best possible effect. Use 5g tablets, depending on the volume of your pool. Read the end of this article for more info.

Algae Pool

So you've tried shocking the pool with chlorine, but your pool is still green. Instead of going for another chlorine shock, use IwOx® Tablets to clear your pool in record time. Read the end of this article for more info.


Use IwOx® Tablets only after swimming hours. These tablets are powerful oxidizers that penetrate the biofilm and oxidize chemical waste. Even algae don't stand a chance. In Algae's case, it would be better if you would prevent algae growth, rather than kill algae. But for immediate results, IwOx® Tablets get the job done.

It is always best to mechanically filter water rather than chemically. A properly designed filtration can take care of cloudy and algae issues. We've taken care of it, though. See our awesome BWS® Pool Filtration Systems here: https://pool.innovativewatersolutionsinc.com/bws-filtration

Treatment frequency and quantity

Each IwOx® Deep Clean Public & Private Swimming Pool re-sealable foil pack contains 1 tablet (5g) each.

Buy your IwOx® Disinfection Tablets here: https://innovativewatersolutionsinc.com/collections/swimming-pool/products/iwox

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