Here's Why We think Kent Water Purifier May Be the Best Water Purifier in Cebu, Philippines...

When I moved to Cebu, I got sick with Amoeba. Since that episode, getting clean drinking water was a top priority. And then I stumbled upon something startling about most Water Refilling Stations and other bottled RO purified water. 

The RO Dilemma.

While RO water is purified, it lacks minerals. And that’s not the kind of hydration our bodies truly need. It also leads to bloating, and acidic environment in our bodies.

Kent's Mineral RO Technology.

This is where Kent stands out. Their unique Mineral RO Technology does two things:

  1. It purifies the water using RO.
  2. The waste from the RO process? Kent filters it, extracts essential minerals, and adds them back to the purified water.

But that's not all.

The water then goes through an alkaline filter to improve its pH balance. And for the final touch, Kent uses UV disinfection twice - once during the main process and then again within the storage tank.

A Glass Full of Goodness.
With Kent, every sip of water is not just clean, but rich in minerals. It’s the kind of hydration our cells love.

Is Kent the Way to Go in Cebu?

For me, Kent answered all my questions about clean, healthy water. If you're in Cebu and want truly hydrating water, Kent might be your answer.

Stay tuned for more of my discoveries and stories. Cheers to true hydration!

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