As forerunners of water filtration, we come up with new ways of solving water problems in today's world. Thru the experience we've gained over the years, we continually support local water treatment businesses in their goal of achieving customer's target parameters.

Our strength comes from our connection to other water treatment specialists from around the world. When our clients experience a problem, they expect our company to come thru with a solution. And we have the confidence that we'll find the best and most efficient solution to their current situation.

Our consultancy services includes:

  1. Rapid Gravity Filter Filtration
  2. Clarifiers
  3. Pressure Tank Filtration
  4. Arsenic, Iron and Manganese Removal
  5. Radon Removal
  6. Commercial Pool Filtration
  7. Tertiary Wastewater Filtration

To know more where we can help you, contact us today.