Rapid Gravity Filters

Rapid Gravity Filters (RGF) have been in existence for over a century and continue to do their jobs to this date. These robust and long lasting filters work efficiently if they are maintained properly.

Because of our strength in the network of water treatment specialists, we're able to call on our partners in various regions of the world to help find a solution to a problem. That's comforting to our clients because they know that we'll always thru with a solution. The products we introduce come with complete knowledge backing on how to use it efficiently.

As for RGF, we offer the following solutions:

  1. Increasing the flow-rate without extra infrastructure
  2. Decreasing and optimizing backwash rate
  3. Finding the optimum height for media bed
  4. Resolving issues with media loss
  5. Retrofitting of filter blocks at the bottom of the RGF
  6. Cleaning of RGFs (the walls and the floor)
  7. Retrofitting of filter media

and many more....

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