Spark FAQs

Q1: What is Spark Pool Conditioner?

A1: Spark Pool Conditioner is a revolutionary pool maintenance product designed to make pool care simple and effective. Its unique formula helps maintain pH levels, prevent algae growth, and decrease chlorine use by up to 50%.

Q2: How does Spark Pool Conditioner work?

A2: Spark works by forming a protective layer in the water, which helps balance pH levels and prevents the growth of algae. This way, your pool remains clean and clear for a more extended period.

Q3: How do I use Spark Pool Conditioner?

A3: Spark is straightforward to use. First, determine the volume of your pool in liters. Then, add 1kg of Spark for every 4,500 liters of water. 

Q4: Can Spark Pool Conditioner be used in all types of pools and water?

A4: Yes, Spark is versatile and can be used in all types of pools, including saltwater, chlorine, and ozone pools. Spark can also be used with all types of water sources, except hot spring water.

Q5: How often should I use Spark Pool Conditioner?

A5: Spark Pool Conditioner is designed to last for up to 12 months, making it a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Q6: Is Spark Pool Conditioner safe for my pool and the environment?

A6: Yes, Spark is safe for both your pool and the environment. Its unique formula is less harsh than traditional pool chemicals and does not harm your pool's surfaces or the surrounding environment. Spark is safer than chlorine and muriatic acid combined.

Q7: What happens if I add too much Spark to my pool?

A7: Overdosing Spark will not cause any harm to your pool or the swimmers. Overdosage has no additional benefits either. Maintain the right dosage from the start and your pool will be ok.

Q8: Does Spark Pool Conditioner affect chlorine levels in my pool?

A8: Spark does not directly affect chlorine levels. However, by helping to balance your pool's pH and prevent algae growth, it allows your chlorine to work more efficiently. This can result in you needing to use less chlorine over time.

Q9: Will Spark Pool Conditioner stain my pool?

A9: No, Spark is designed to be non-staining. It dissolves completely in your pool water and will not discolor your pool's surfaces.

Q10: Can I use other pool chemicals with Spark Pool Conditioner?

A10: Yes, Spark should be used in conjunction with other pool maintenance products as part of your regular pool care routine.

Q11: What is the expiry of Spark Pool Conditioner within water and outside of water?

A11: Once applied, Spark does not expire in the water and can only be lost due to pool leakage or water loss from splashing. When stored properly in a cool, dry place, Spark can remain effective for several years.


Q12: What guarantees do I have that Spark will work in my pool and that it will be effective up to 12 months?

A12: We're confident in Spark's effectiveness based on extensive testing and feedback from users. Its efficacy extends up to 12 months or more after application. However, its longevity in water can be lessened by factors like pool leakage, splashing, or excessive water loss.

Q14: Does evaporation affect the performance of Spark?

A14: No, evaporation does not affect the performance of Spark. Once it is dissolved in your pool water, it continues to work effectively in preventing algae growth. However, any water that is replaced due to evaporation will need additional Spark for treatment.

Q15: Is there a possibility that Spark will not work for my pool?

A15: Yes, there is. If your pool is constantly flowing into the drain, and you have fresh water incoming every day, Spark is not for you. When using Spark, it is important to note that losing water will automatically lose Spark. Also, if the pool is filled with high nutrients (phosphates, nitrates), Pool will need additional chemical to help like phosphate removers, or 2ppm of chlorine.

Q16: What chlorine works best with Spark?

A16: We recommend 90% chlorine for all outdoor pools that wish to use Spark. For indoor pools, 70% chlorine is recommended.