Active Summer - Your Pool Protector
Active Summer - Your Pool Protector

Active Summer - Your Pool Protector

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Active Summer is a revolutionary chemical that filters UV light to protect chlorine from sun, amplifies the disinfection power of sun, and replaces the need for cyanuric acid or stabilized chlorine.

Active Summer has two main benefits:

  • It makes the sun's natural disinfecting power stronger: Active Summer uses the sun's energy to create special particles called free radicals. These particles remove dirty or harmful things from the water, just like chlorine does. But unlike chlorine, free radicals don't create harmful by-products.

  • It helps chlorine last longer: Active Summer also protects chlorine from being broken down by the sun's rays. This means you can use less chlorine and still keep your pool water clean.

Active Summer is also good for the environment because it uses the sun's natural power to clean the water. It's easy to use too - just add it to your pool manually or with a special pump.

To use Active Summer, you can either add it directly to your pool water or use a dosing pump to automatically add it to your pool. Here's how much to use:

  • Manually:
    • Add 1ml per 1m3 of pool water every week
  • Automatic:
    • Add 1 mL/m3 of water circulated with a dosing pump

Try Active Summer and see how it can help keep your outdoor pool water clean and clear. Order now.

Please note: It is important to continue using chlorine in your pool to maintain proper disinfection levels. Active Summer is similar to cyanuric acid in that it helps to extend the lifespan of chlorine in outdoor pools. However, unlike cyanuric acid, Active Summer does not reduce the disinfection power of chlorine.


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