Aquasand - Anti-Bacterial Sand for Aquariums
Aquasand - Anti-Bacterial Sand for Aquariums

Aquasand - Anti-Bacterial Sand for Aquariums

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🌊 Transform Your Aquatic Paradise with Aquasand!

Introducing Aquasand, the forefront of aquarium substrates. Designed not only to elevate the beauty of your aquatic setup but also to enhance the health and vitality of your aquarium's ecosystem.

Aquasand is NSF Certified, and is also ISO 9001 Certified.

Why Aquasand?

  1. 🌈 Natural Aesthetics: Aquasand brings a delicate, soft texture that mimics nature, enhancing the visual appeal of your aquarium.

  2. 🌱 Fosters Plant Growth: Aquasand's texture and consistency offer optimal root anchorage, promoting robust plant growth and health.

  3. 🐠 Safe Harbor for Aquatic Life: The grain size and composition ensure comfort and safety for bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrates, reducing stress and injury risks.

  4. 🧪 Balanced pH Levels: Aquasand aids in maintaining a stable pH level, ensuring a balanced environment for aquatic life.

  5. 🌪 Improved Bacterial Control: Its unique catalytic structure kills bacteria and promotes healthy living for your fishes.

  6. 💡 Eco-conscious Choice: Sustainably sourced, Aquasand stands as a testament to our commitment to the environment.


  • Material: Natural and refined Aquasand
  • Package Size: 1kg (suitable for spot treatment or smaller tanks)
  • Texture: Fine-grained and gentle, perfect for bottom dwellers

Usage Instructions:

  1. Rinse Aquasand thoroughly under cold running water to eliminate any residual dust.
  2. Evenly distribute Aquasand at the bottom of your aquarium or integrate it with your existing substrate.
  3. Add plants and water, and watch as your aquarium transforms!



Q: Can I blend Aquasand with other substrates?
A: Definitely! Aquasand can effortlessly integrate with other substrates or stand beautifully on its own.

Q: How much Aquasand should I use for a 20-gallon tank?
A: A 1kg bag of Aquasand is ideal for spot treatments or smaller tanks. For larger setups, like a 20-gallon tank, consider multiple bags for desired depth and coverage.

Dive into a world of beauty, balance, and brilliance with Aquasand!


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