Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier
Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier
Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier
Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier
Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier

Clear-Up Pool Clarifier - Multi Range Clarifier

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This powerful clarifier removes all the particles and bacteria that can cloud your water and causes algae and bacteria to grow. By using Clear-Up in combination with your filter and a static mixer, you'll be able to achieve the best possible filtration performance and drastically reduce your chlorine usage.

Don't settle for a dingy, cloudy pool - upgrade to Clear-Up and enjoy crystal clear water all season long!

Clear-Up offers numerous benefits for your pool, including:

  • Removing particles and bacteria from the water
  • Removing phosphates that can encourage the growth of algae and bacteria
  • Helping to reduce chlorine consumption
  • Improving the clarity and cleanliness of pool water

But how does Clear-Up work?

Clear-Up imparts a positive charge to the particles in your pool water, which are attracted to the negative charge surface of your filter. This helps to bring the particles together and form larger flocs that can be easily removed, resulting in clearer and cleaner pool water.

To use Clear-Up, simply follow these steps:

  • Dose it constantly to the water at a slow flow rate
  • Inject 0.5 to 1 mL of Clear-Up per m3 of water circulated through the filters
  • Inject directly into a static mixer located between the pump and the filter
  • Make sure the pH is neutral, alkalinity is greater than 40 ppm, and total hardness is above 100 ppm
  • Use peristaltic pumps, such as the peristaltic pump, to ensure a continuous flow




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ave Borda Zambrona
Clear na clear

Lapit na maging crytal clear . I applied only yesterday.

Magnolia Naman
Amazing product!!!

Thank you for your kind assistance. I'm enjoying my pool now.

Roy Rasonable
Very good product

Na maintain na jud nako ang crystal clear water. Molagum ang tubig kun mag refill mi pero one night na filter mo balik naman crystal clear. Thanx sa inyu product.

Gie Gorospe
Good Quality, will order again!

Very effective. I will surely order again and the seller is very helpful re: pool problems.

We’re glad you loved the product.

Vijay Shuglani
This is what I was looking for.

I talked to the sales over Facebook and ordered it. I did as followed and viola! Crystal clear pool. I know clarifiers take long time but I’ve never seen my pool so clear before.

Thank you! We’re glad to be of service.