The Main Reason Why Algae is Not Responding to Chlorine and Algaecides...

Picture this: You dose chlorine and algaecide every day and your pool becomes slightly green in about 2-3 days, and totally green in a week's time.

If you've experienced this, then you're not alone. Chlorine and Algaecides are perfect for algae removal and prevention, but sometimes, they are just not enough.

The Most Neglected Part of Algae Control

Chlorine and algaecide's job is to kill algae. That means if chlorine's killing rate is higher than the natural growth rate of algae, your pool will never turn blue.

But sometimes, we you'll experience uncontrolled algae growth in the pool, regardless of chlorine and algaecides dosage. Since there's no way to measure the growth rate of algae using regular pool test kits, how does one know that chlorine's killing rate is higher than algae's growth rate on a particular day? Answer is, there's none.

What we can find out though, is if algae will grow faster or slower based on a key nutrient in the pool.

So what if instead of only killing algae, we could just hinder the its growth rate? What if we could do something that makes algae not access the nutrients it requires to grow?

What Does Algae Need in Order to Grow?

You see, algae is a plant, and like every plant, it needs nutrients, and ample sunlight to grow. So if we can find out what the main nutrient algae uses in order to grow, we can take it way. What's this main nutrient? It's Phosphates.

Phosphates in your pool come from garden fertilizers, rotting leaves, certain pool chemicals, and the residue from your skin and hair products. You can't really control the input of phosphates in your pool. But you can do something about them once they are in the pool.

How to Control Phosphates in the Pool?

Phosphate Binders can bind phosphates in the pool and make them inaccessible for algae. This way, you effectively take away the one main nutrient algae needs in order to grow. Although you cannot remove it completely, the phosphate levels become so low which then allows chlorine and algaecides to work efficiently at regular doses.

Where to Buy Phosphate Binders?

You can find phosphate binders in aquaculture stores, or any stores that deals with fishes. Usually, aquarium sellers also have them.

We have a clarifier that contains phosphate binders called Clear-Up Clarifier. Yes, a clarifier that clears your pool, and at the same time binds unwanted phosphates. We recommend this when a client experiences uncontrolled algae growth, and needs more than just chlorine or algaecides in the pool. It comes in liquid form and is extremely easy to use. You can get it by clicking here.

Thank you for your attention! Share this information with pool owners who you think are suffering from uncontrolled algae growth in their pools.

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