The Best Way to Make Chlorine Last 3x Longer In Outdoor Pools

Chlorine is the most used chemical for pool sanitation and disinfection in the entire world. It's cheap, extremely effective, and available in high quantity. 

What happens to Chlorine in outdoor pools?

Like most disinfection chemicals, chlorine has to be used regularly to work efficiently. But in outdoor pools, the frequency of use becomes higher due to sunlight. On a bright sunny day, sunlight can completely destroy chlorine in the pool within hours. In one research, it showed that free chlorine (the chlorine that actually does the disinfection) levels reduced by 35% in just 1 hour and no chlorine was found within 4-5 hours. (To put that in numbers, in 100 grams, 35 grams are destroyed by sunlight in 1 hour).That's a high waste of chlorine.

What's the solution to this problem?

The most popular solution is Cyanuric Acid. It forms a weak bond with unstabilized chlorine, and makes it stabilized (fancy term for chlorine protection). It is common in the western world, and the term "Cyanuric" is also found in most pool test strips. Nowadays, Cyanuric Acid is already mixed with Granule Chlorine is known as 90% TCCA Chlorine. 

At lower dosage levels, it works great. But over time, it accumulates in the pool. Eventually, it exceeds 50ppm, where the amount of free chlorine available is very little, contrary to what the pool test kit might say. This is because high Cyanuric levels bond with high amount of chlorine, and unless this bond is broken, the chlorine is practically useless. (It will break, making chlorine available again but this process takes time) This uncertain availability of chlorine puts your pool at risk of being unsafe, leading to growth of very dangerous biofilm (slippery film that houses millions of bacteria) on pool tiles, filter, and pipes. In other pools, algae starts to grow again.

So what's the best way to make chlorine last longer in the pool?

Recently, another mix of chemical has been introduced in the market. It is a blend of sodium chlorite and nano titanium dioxide particles (the same chemical used for medical implants). This blend creates a UV shield for chlorine, but unlike Cyanuric Acid, does not bind to it. This means that 100% chlorine is ready for disinfection at all times, while also being protected from the sunlight. 

But that's not all. This blend mix also produces highly reactive oxidizers called Hydroxyls which remove pharmaceutical (hormones) and chemical waste (from nail polish, shampoos) in the pool. Hydroxyls are bigger, better, and short lasting super cleaners. Hydroxyls also improve clarity of the pool by up to 50% by removing floating waste on the top layer of pool water.

Is this new blend Safe?

Titanium Dioxide is found even in cereals, and other foods around the world, and is extremely safe for kids. This blend is in liquid form, and is safe if ingested. But beware of the powder version, which can irritate the lungs if inhaled. (Most pool chemicals pose minimal risk at low levels, and are dangerous at high levels. So always use caution when using chemicals.)

What happens once the chlorine last 3x longer in the pool?

The first main benefit is you use less chlorine, which also means you save money. Second benefit is better air quality around the pool because it will have less toxic waste (THMs) from chlorine byproducts. Third, you won't have to worry about itchy skin, and red eyes. Fourth, you will have a safer, cleaner, and better sanitized pool. Hard to ignore all these great benefits from one single product.

Where to buy?

There are a few companies in Europe selling this blend but we've created our own version and call it Active Summer Pool Protector. We've used the highest quality ingredients to create this blend. It is NSF Certified, and super safe for your kids too. Click here to get your blend today.

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