This is How to Keep Your Pool SAFE for Your Kids...

Dear Parents,

Taking a dip in the pool is undeniably fun, especially for kids! But as guardians of their little giggles and splashes, it's crucial we make that fun safe. So, how can you ensure your pool is a secure place for your kiddos? Let's dive right in and break it down.

1. Chlorinate Your Pool Just Right

You've heard about chlorine, right? It's what keeps our pool water clear and germ-free. While our tap water only requires a tiny 0.2 chlorine level, our swimming pools need a little extra kick. Aiming for a chlorine level up to 3ppm is usually the sweet spot. This ensures the water remains sanitized and keeps pesky algae away.

Now, here's a cool fact! If you're using our Spark Pool Conditioner, you'll be glad to know that even a 1ppm chlorine level gets the job done. How's that for efficiency?

2. Tackle that Sneaky Chemical Waste

Here's something not many people talk about - chemical waste in pools. Think about this: Every time you dive into a pool, tiny bits from daily products like nail polish, make-up, and even some clothes come off and stay in the water. These are called PFAS, and believe it or not, they can hang around for a whopping 1000 years!

Besides having an almost superhero-like lifespan, these "forever chemicals" can be villains for our health. They can mess up our thyroid, lower immunity, and even lead to some severe health issues in kids like cancer.

But, fret not! Advanced Oxidation Processes can zap these harmful chemicals away. Sounds techy and costly? Here's some good news! Our Active Summer product can come to the rescue. It's like giving superpowers to the sun, which then creates free radicals that clean up these unwanted pool invaders. Just imagine the sun wearing a cape, and you get the picture!

In Conclusion...

Safety first! With these two simple steps, you can make sure your pool remains the fun haven it's meant to be. So next time your kids are ready for a splash, you'll know they're diving into clean and safe waters. Dive in and enjoy!

Happy swimming! 🏊‍♂️

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