IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools
IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools
IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools
IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools
IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools

IwNite - Hybrid Algae Preventer for Pools

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IwNite Hybrid Algae Preventer is a specially formulated product for new pool owners who are looking for an easier way to keep the pool algae free. IwNite treats all kinds of algae (green, black and yellow). It targets even the most stubborn of algae in the pool.

IwNite is not an algaecide (copper sulphate). It is a nutrient binder and does not allow algae to grow, leading to starvation and its elimination.

IwNite is made of rare earth metals and is free of toxic material. It's so safe that you can swim 15 minutes after pouring IwNite into the pool.

Immediate Benefits are:
1. Only needs once a week dosage
2. Works regardless of chlorine or pH levels
3. Very low dosage required
4. Each bottle has a measuring cup for exact dosage

Dosage required:
IwNite needs to be dosed on a weekly basis.
•First dosage is 2ml per cubic meter.
Second dosage is 1ml per cubic meter.
Third and subsequent dosages can be 0.5ml per cubic meter. If algae appears back, revert to 1ml per cubic meter.

How to use IwNite:
Clean/Backwash the filter before using IwNite.
It needs to be poured into the skimmer or pump head.
Keep the pump running for at least 8 hours to ensure proper mixing of chemicals.
To reach every corner of the pool, also put some of the chemical in areas away from the return valves.

For commercial clients,
kindly contact us directly at 0998-265-9514.

If you're pool is already green in color,
click here to learn step-by-step solution.

You can also purchase directly via Shopee, click on the image below.

IwNite does not replace chlorine or muriatic/dry acid. Chlorine is used for disinfection of the pool, and acids are used for decreasing the pH. IwNite controls algae.
IwNite is not a magic product. You still need to vacuum, maintain chlorine and pH level, and clean your filter. 
The dosages mentioned are for areas without a farms. If you are near a farm, or agricultural land, you need to get a phosphate test kit to measure exact levels of phosphates in the pool. Phosphate test kit will be available soon. For now, you can use this one from Shopee: click here.
Sometimes the dosages are not enough and you might still see algae come back. In that case, Phosphate test kit is required. This happens when the pool design is not good and there is a lot of run-off water from the roof, and landscaping around the pool.

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