KENT Bathroom Water Softener - Made in India
KENT Bathroom Water Softener - Made in India
KENT Bathroom Water Softener - Made in India

KENT Bathroom Water Softener - Made in India

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The Ultimate Guard Against Hard Water
Do you grapple with scaling on your shower, reduced lather, or hair and skin problems after a bath? It's time to introduce your bathroom to KENT's innovative water softener and say goodbye to the problems caused by hard water.

Why Choose KENT Bathroom Water Softener?:

  1. Ideal for Modern Homes: Specifically crafted for individual bathrooms, it's a perfect fit for multistorey buildings with water supplied via different heads.

  2. Hair & Skin That Radiates Health: No more brittle hair, sticky after-feel, or dry, itchy skin. Immerse yourself in the luxury of soft water that nourishes and rejuvenates.

  3. Economical & Efficient: Soft water equals more lather. Witness a visible reduction in your soap and shampoo consumption, while still achieving a more fulfilling cleanse.

  4. Extend Appliance & Fixture Life: Combat corrosion in appliances like water heaters, and keep your bathroom fittings and marble floors free from scaling.

  5. Innovative Ion-Exchange Process: The state-of-the-art ion exchange mechanism swaps hard magnesium and calcium ions with sodium and potassium, ensuring consistent soft water.

  6. Hassle-Free Installation & Regeneration: A non-electric operation with a straightforward 2-step regeneration process, easily managed at home. Just add 880 grams of table salt in its separate salt chamber, fill with water, and let the 5.5-liter resin volume work its magic.


  • Water Softened Before Regeneration: 1200 L (Water TDS 500 ppm)
  • Resin Volume: 5.5 L
  • Dimensions: 380 (L) x 220 (W) x 890 (H) mm
  • Optimal Installation Points: Specifically designed for flats and individual bathrooms

KENT Bathroom Water Softener - Elevate Your Bathing Experience!
Ready to transform your bathroom rituals? Dive into the world of soft water. Add to cart and bring luxury, health, and savings to your daily routine! 🛒🚿


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