KENT Crystal Star RO Water Purifier
KENT Crystal Star RO Water Purifier

KENT Crystal Star RO Water Purifier

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Welcome to the future of water purification!

The KENT Crystal Star is the crowning glory of our Crystal Series and the ultimate embodiment of sophisticated technology meeting advanced design aesthetics. With a sleek structure made from ABS food-grade plastic, it sits beautifully in your kitchen, silently promising 100% pure and healthy water.

1. Real-time Monitoring of Purity

Our advanced Digital Display of Purity feature allows you to monitor the quality of your water in real-time, providing instant insights about the filter's lifespan, the flow rate of the RO, and the purity of your drinking water. Never wonder about the quality of your water again – with KENT Crystal Star, you are always in the know.

2. 100% Pure Water, Guaranteed

Trust the KENT purification process to take care of all your water purification needs. With our cutting-edge RO+UV+UF+TDS Control technology, we ensure that all the bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides are completely removed. All that’s left is pure, healthy water that meets the drinking water standards of IS:10500.

3. Preserving the Goodness of Nature

While we're rigorous about removing impurities, we're equally committed to retaining essential natural minerals. Our unique TDS control valve enables us to control the TDS level, ensuring that all the beneficial minerals remain in your purified water. So, you get water that’s not just 100% pure, but also full of natural goodness.

4. Zero Water Wastage Technology

We value water as much as you do. Our Zero Water Wastage Technology allows us to recirculate the rejected water back to the overhead tank using the purifier’s own pump. This results in absolutely no wastage of water during the purification process. Enjoy pure water with a clear conscience.

5. High Storage and Purification Capacity

With an impressive storage capacity of 11L, the KENT Crystal Star ensures you have a continuous supply of purified water even during power outages. The high purification production rate of 20L/hr. ensures you never run out of pure water.

6. Globally Recognized & Trusted by Millions

We're proud to be recognized and trusted by millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Our quality certifications from world-renowned laboratories like NSF International (USA) and CE Certification speak for our commitment to providing only the best. KENT is proud to be ranked as the #1 Most Trusted Brand in India and looks forward to offering the same trust and quality to customers in the Philippines.

Make a Smart Choice Today

Bring home the KENT Crystal Star today and give your family the gift of pure, healthy water. Elevate your lifestyle with our cutting-edge technology and stylish design – because you deserve nothing but the best.

Join the community of discerning homeowners who trust only KENT for their water purification needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joni Alforque
My RO Filter is the best. Minimal Piping.

I'm so happy with my purchase. This RO system looks so nice that it becomes a show-piece in the house. Plus, the water quality is great and we can easily adjust the TDS and taste to our liking. There's a small QR code on the side of the system so you don't need to keep looking for a manual/guide. Salamat Seller!

Nestor De La Fuente
Finest RO Filter. No need to worry about water quality again.

5-star filter. It's easy to use, comes with digital display, and is very silent. We've never run out of water. Imagine that? We always have water. Clear, and tasty water, with just the right amount of minerals. Must buy for health conscious people.

Alejandro Suan
Awesome Product! Comes with Alarm!

I love the digital display. I can't wait for the system to alarm so I know when to change my filters. This was always my problem with other Chinese RO systems. I didn't know when to change the filters. Plus this system itself looks modern and stylish.